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Dear Dreamers: Abandon Hope (Sanders Endorses Clinton)

The candidate who wins a presidential nomination in our current money-driven two-party system is the one who is most adept at manipulating that system, even if s/he has historically low favorability ratings, not the one whose principles play themselves out best with organizations who share the concerns of American middle-class voters. If you wanted Bernie … Continue reading

Police Brutality, Coffey Anderson, Richard Pryor, and Cell Phones: Has Anything Changed?

The kind of tragic violence the world witnessed last week in Louisiana and Minnesota is not new. The fact that it was filmed by privately owned hand held devices and broadcast across the world minutes after it happened is. In the aftermath of the tragic killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, country music singer … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Not Indicted: the Turmoil to Come

The decision by the FBI and Department of Justice not to indict Hillary Clinton has likely ensured several years of exceptional internal turmoil for the United States, worse than we have had in the post-911 era. Putting partisan politics and questions of gender aside, Clinton should have been indicted. In addition to the raft of … Continue reading