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Police Brutality, Coffey Anderson, Richard Pryor, and Cell Phones: Has Anything Changed?

The kind of tragic violence the world witnessed last week in Louisiana and Minnesota is not new. The fact that it was filmed by privately owned hand held devices and broadcast across the world minutes after it happened is. In the aftermath of the tragic killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, country music singer … Continue reading

OMG! Barry O Hates Art History! Or…The Liberal Arts and the Trades: Can’t We all Just Get Along?

If you’re an art historian like I am (you’re probably not, I know, but bear with me, please), you spent at least part of January 31st, 2014 watching your colleagues hyperventilate over these comments by the *most powerful man in the world.* Barack said: “A lot of parents, unfortunately, maybe when they saw a lot … Continue reading

The Rich post-9-11 Cultural Neurosis in Tebow-mania

Now that Tim Tebow’s Broncos are out of the running, let’s take a deep breath and take stock in Tebow-mania.  The noise surrounding Tebow has been deafening.  The idea of Tim Tebow, the noise generated around the name, has even become much larger than Tebow himself. Depending on whom you ask, he is either a … Continue reading