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Image Controversy in Salem: Pro-KKK or No-KKK and the Need to Read the Image

At Salem State University, a campus gallery has been shut down over the display of the following image. The painting appeared in a post-election exhibition called “State of the Union,” in which students were encouraged to make art expressing their thoughts and feelings in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. Students were outraged by the … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Not Indicted: the Turmoil to Come

The decision by the FBI and Department of Justice not to indict Hillary Clinton has likely ensured several years of exceptional internal turmoil for the United States, worse than we have had in the post-911 era. Putting partisan politics and questions of gender aside, Clinton should have been indicted. In addition to the raft of … Continue reading

OMG! Barry O Hates Art History! Or…The Liberal Arts and the Trades: Can’t We all Just Get Along?

If you’re an art historian like I am (you’re probably not, I know, but bear with me, please), you spent at least part of January 31st, 2014 watching your colleagues hyperventilate over these comments by the *most powerful man in the world.* Barack said: “A lot of parents, unfortunately, maybe when they saw a lot … Continue reading